How to make a wrap skirt with a great fit

In this post, I am going to show you how to make a wrap skirt. You are going to need an existing straight skirt pattern that you drafted yourself or purchased. If you don’t know how to draft the basic skirt sloper, read the instructions here.


use a commercial skirt pattern that you like.

A pattern that you already know fits great is a good base for modifications. This way you can be certain that all designs that come out of it will fit nicely as well.

Here are the modifications you need to make to the basic pattern to create a wrap skirt with a great fit.

Read below to also learn how to make an asymmetrical front, how to curve the fronts, how to draft a flared wrap skirt pattern and how to add a tie to a wrap skirt.

Make a DIY wrap skirt pattern

There are different options for a wrap skirt design that differ in length, width, and flare. Let’s start with the simplest pattern modification – by extending the front in width.

Extend the front skirt pattern

To do that, use the basic front skirt pattern as it’s drafted on the fold (figure 1, A). Determine how much you want both front skirt pieces to overlap at the front.

The options here depend on your design preferences.

For example, the front skirt piece could be extended up to the dart on the other front skirt piece, all the way up to the side seam, or (as a usually good rule of thumb) with 6 inches (15 cms). The more you extend it, the closer it gets to the side seam.

Again, how much you are going to extend is a matter of your design preferences. Just make sure that there is going to be enough overlapping to provide good coverage.

Once you’ve decided how much you are going to extend the front, draw a straight line extending from the top of the center front. That line should be as long as the amount you want to add as an extension (figure 1, B).

Starting at the end of this new line, square straight down until you reach the hemline. Then connect the end of this new line with the center front at the hemline (figure 1, B).

DIY wrap skirt pattern. Learn how to make any length and style of a wrap skirt.

The back skirt pattern will ask for no changes, as the wrapping takes place only at the front.

When cutting the fabric, use the new pattern for both front skirt pieces.

And that’s it! You made yourself a wrap skirt pattern.

If you want to design a wrap skirt that has no side seams and looks as if it is one continuous piece of fabric read below where I am going to show you how to do it.

You can also lengthen or shorten the basic skirt pattern and then extend for the wrap to achieve a different style.

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