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15 Ways To Alter Necklines

Get all our tutorials on necklines that include gapping necks, turtleneck to crew neck and collar alterations.

how to alter necklines

Welcome to Sewing For A Living! Here I share what I know about sewing, pattern drafting and my own patterns.

This is what you are going to find on SewingForALiving

digital sewing pattern

Our patterns are carefully tested and come with detailed printing, cutting and sewing instructions.

sewing tutorials and alterations

Sewing tutorials on common alterations and repairs, sewing techniques, tips and tricks.

adding sewing ease to master pattern

Learn how to draft the basic sloppers and how to make pattern adjustments.

How to designing clothes in relation to pattern drafting and sewing and what we do to create the designs for our clothing line.

Sewing, pattern making and clothing design are all parts of the process of creating a garment.

 No matter which of those creative paths you chose,

you are up to a lot of fun, creative work and learning.

We are doing our best to share practical advice with examples from our daily work. 

"If you don't have experience sewing, start with that, because that will inform you what you are able to design"

      Tim Gunn

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Join our Facebook group where we can discuss our patterns, sewing tutorials and pattern drafting lessons as well as anything sewing related and fun. This is the fastest way to get guidance and support not only from us, but from other members as well.

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Here we publish videos on pattern drafting and sewing tutorials on alterations and general sewing topics.

how to sew with overlocker

My name is 

Daniela Koeva

I started blogging about sewing 3 years ago when I started spending more time at home with my two girls.

Although I still get to work with clients, it's a couple of days in a week and I miss it.

Blogging keeps me in touch with what I love to do and allows me to interact with others that share the same passion for sewing and clothing design.

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