Challenge accepted – sewing for prom

Hi, sewing friends!

February through May is probably the craziest time of the year in our sewing shop. And that’s because of prom season. Yes, it’s too early for prom, but not for prom sewing.

In case you are wondering, that’s why I have less time to spend on pattern making and blogging right now.

Sewing a prom dress

Here are some of the prom dresses we made last year. The pictures were sent to us after the dresses left the studio. They are taken at the actual prom. It’s so rewarding and we are both so grateful that in a way, we get to share the moment with these young girls and their families.

In February, we usually get to meet our clients. We start discussing the overall design, fabric and other small details. Sometimes clients have a pic we should follow, sometimes it’s just an idea in their head.

For the red one bellow, the client wanted the dress covered in sparkling, different sized stones that were to be iron transferred on the fabric.

We had to apply each and every little stone by hand, one by one, no pattern or something here. It took like forever, but turned out beautiful.

design a prom dress

Usually, the biggest challenge is that the graduating senior’s mum also has an idea in her head. Which is nothing close to her daughter’s 🙂

We start the process of defining the client’s design and ideas so we make sure that we are on the same page. The fabric, of course, is a substantial part of the design and final look.

Last year, our clients were all about solid color fabrics like satin and taffeta. That was not only because it was their choice, but also because this is what there is in local fabric shops.

This, combined with traditional styling like a corset, mermaid skirt, etc. doesn’t give a lot of possibilities for variations.

Make a prom dress

This year, the tendency is to look for more colorful and lively fabrics.

As I was showing the portfolio to this year’s graduates, we were discussing fabrics and the lack of color and variety we get to chose from.

This made us look for alternatives online. I came across this online shop for exclusive fabrics and especially their “Prom Dress Fabrics” category. There are satin, taffeta, lace, organza and other prom dress fabrics some of which with beautiful prints, some in romantic, light colors.

We’ll see how it goes and what fabrics are the girls going to pick so that we start working as soon as possible.

Right now, we feel sooo stressed! With all the test fitting that is about to take place and the time pressure.

At moments, the seamstress’ work can seem too stressful and unrewarding. But happy clients make it all worth it. We can’t wait for this year’s final pics and the possibility to be a part of this special moment once again.

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