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If you want to learn how to sew, аnd if you also want to do it from the comfort of your home, in time that suits your schedule, an online sewing class is a great choice.

There are so many sources online where you can learn the basics of sewing, including Youtube channels and blogs, social media, but also organized classes by respectable sources.

In this post, I am going to list my favorite FREE online sewing classes for beginners that I’ve personally tried. They are great, nicely structured sewing lessons to get you started and going. Some are completely free and others you can get as a free trial for a certain period of time.

Craftsy free sewing classes

Craftsy is a well-known recourse in the online sewing community. They have many great sewing classes, some of which I’ve taken myself and I highly recommend.

Free online sewing classes - Craftsy.

Here are some of their free beginner ones:

With theese and many other free sewing classes that they offer, you can really step up your sewing game.

Skillshare (free trial)

Although not completely free, Skillshare offers a free trial for 2 whole months! This is more than enough to get you going with your basic sewing skills. And why not even intermediate? 

There are classes for bag-making, leathercraft, clothing construction, basic sewing techniques, quilting, pattern making, zippers, you name it.

Free sewing cources online - skillshare.

Creativebug (free trial)

Another website with great sewing classes for beginners to intermediate sewists. The sewing lessons are not free, but you get a free trial for a week to indulge in as many sewing lessons for beginners as you can.

There are sewing classes for pattern making, sewing, quilting, bag-making, creative sewing, etc.

Free sewing classes online - Creativebug.

Connecting threads

Connecting threads is a place where you can buy quilting supplies, patterns, and fabric. They have a learning center where you can get to know the basics of the quilting craft If you are more into quilting and want to learn the basics, Connecting threads have a learning center that includes tutorials, guidance, and inspiration on batting, threads, precuts, etc.

Free quilting lessons online.

Annie’s (15 days free trial) 

Annie’s offers hundreds of how-to video classes and tutorials as a part of their subscription plan. But, it comes with a free 15 days trial to get a taste of over 1,400 how-to video classes and tutorials, 300+ free downloadable patterns, amazing techniques, helpful tips,and 5 brand-new episodes added weekly.

Online sewing lessons - free


 This is the most obvious place for free sewing tutorials of any kind. I can confess that even though I consider myself an experienced seamstress, I’ve learned a thing or two from Youtube sewing tutorials.

Youtube can be a great recourse of DIY sewing techniques and pattern making. There are many channels dedicated to sewing for beginners. 

Here is my channel, where I upload a tutorial every now and then, trying to share what I’ve learned with others.

What might be considered as a con here is that if you are a complete beginner, the amount of information and the fact that it is not structured in a follow-up manner may be a bit overwhelming. But apart from that, Youtube is one of my favorite sources of basic sewing knowledge, and tips and tricks.

I believe that all of the free online sewing classes for beginners that I’ve listed here are a good place to start your DIY sewing adventure. 

The other thing you are going to need is a good sewing machine for beginners

If you know about other good online sewing courses for beginners, please share in the comments below so I can add them to this list.

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2 thoughts on “Free online sewing classes for beginners

  • Jo Ann

    Arkdefo based out of Great Britain has a fabulous free sewing course on Tik Tok. Elizavetta does not use ready made patterns to sew. She makes her own patterns based on measurements so you aren’t trying to fit into a pattern. Her course is seven modules and a total of 51 lessons.