Sewing Tutorials

non-separating zippers
There are many types of zippers on the market. It can be confusing when you try to pick the most appropriate for your sewing project.But,If you are interested in clothes and home decor, there are just a few to know. I am using them 99% of the time and I […]

Types of zippers – what you need to know

how to make a car seat cover
With two girls in a roll, I thought I would be able to reuse most of the baby and toddler stuff and I was. I had to buy only a few things for the little one and this saved me tons of time and money.But when I pulled out the […]

How to make a car seat cover for a baby/toddler

How to fix a torn belt loop
Sewing a torn belt loop on jeans is another very common repairment that we make, so I thought  you might like to now how to do it.In this post I am going to show you how to fix a ripped belt loop on jeans.When a belt loop gets torn, it […]

How to fix a torn belt loop on jeans

keep the original hem on jeans 2
1. What does keeping the original hem mean?Keeping the original hem on jeans means to preserve any wear or distress that was done to the jean in the hem area. This makes the alteration less visible and that‘s the reason 95% of our clients prefer that we keep the original hem […]

How to keep the original hem on jeans (2 options)

clothing alterations - sleeve and collar
Do you have some clothes in your wardrobe that stay there for years? You just don’t wear them because of a little detail you don’t like or some fit issues. But the fabric is too pretty so you just can’t let it go. Why don’t you alter it to your […]

Clothing alterations – sleeves and collar

Change turtleneck into a crew neck 2
Changing the neckline shape is a very common clothing alteration. We get to make it every now and then. In a previous post, I’ve shown how to do it with the use of a binding tape. What way you are going to chose to alter the neck, depends largely on the […]

Change a turtleneck into a crew neck – another way

how to remove machine oil from clothes 2
Follow my blog with Bloglovin The biggest nightmare of a seamstress is to remove machine oil stain on a finished garment. Or, even worse, on a client’s piece of clothing. I’ve had this experience quite often in my practice, once even on a prom dress. I usually work with industrial […]

How to remove machine oil or grease stains from clothes

You have a top that you wish to alter from a turtleneck into a crew neck and you wonder how to do it? You might have different reasons for that. Perhaps you’ve found the perfect top, but you hate turtlenecks. Or, maybe the one you are about to tailor is […]

How to change a turtleneck into a crew neck

Perhaps you have a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, but are getting worn out between the legs? Why don’t you fix them and enjoy them longer? Or you want to try clothing alterations, but feel unconfident in your skills. This tutorial shows the steps to fix a hole in […]

Fix a hole in jeans between the legs