Change turtleneck into a crew neck
Changing the neckline shape is a very common clothing alteration. We get to make it every now and then. In a previous post, I’ve shown how to do it with the use of a binding tape. What way you are going to chose to alter the neck, depends largely on the […]

Change a turtleneck into a crew neck – another way

 You already know how to draft the basic pants pattern, or you might’ve bought one that fits great. But you want to add some variations in the design.  Who wants to make the impression that they wear the same pair of pants all the time?   So,   you ask […]

Clothing Design – How to Design Pants

how to remove machine oil from clothes 2
Follow my blog with Bloglovin The biggest nightmare of a seamstress is to remove machine oil stain on a finished garment. Or, even worse, on a client’s piece of clothing. I’ve had this experience quite often in my practice, once even on a prom dress. I usually work with industrial […]

How to remove machine oil or grease stains from clothes

draft harem pants
In a previous post, we already showed different options to draft the harem pants pattern from scratch. Our goal now is to show you how to design harem pants, by modifying a commercial pants pattern, or one you drafted yourself. Don’t be overwhelmed by how this sounds, this is another […]

Clothing design – design harem pants from a pants pattern

flare tunic free pattern 6
Description of the Free Tunic Pattern This is a Free printable PDF sewing pattern for the Flare Tunic Design. It’s simple but not boring and easy to make. Shaped and accented at the shoulders and flare at the waist and hips. This pattern is designed for knitted fabric. It can be […]

Free Tunic Pattern with detailed sewing instructions

ways to draft harem pants pattern
Harem pants and all their variations never seem to go out of fashion. They are a great project for beginners in pattern making and sewing. There are many different options to style those type of pants, and they can be approached differently when drafting. In this tutorial, I am going […]

3 Easy Ways To Draft a Harem Pants Pattern

make pants pattern 2
The basic pants pattern is one of the pillars in flat pattern drafting. There are great benefits for both home sewers and clothing designers to know how to draft. But all those numbers and steps to follow are so frustrating, right? Well, they don’t have to be. Drafting a pattern […]

How to draft a pants pattern like a pro

Description of the Tanya’s Dress/ Tunic Sewing Pattern This is a printable PDF sewing pattern for Tanya’s Dress Design. Elegant jersey knit dress with an oversized top and fitted skirt. This design is appropriate for both slim figures and figures that are fuller in the mid-area. Tanya’s Dress is a […]

Tanya’s Jersey Knit Dress/ Tunic Sewing Pattern

You have a top that you wish to alter from a turtleneck into a crew neck and you wonder how to do it? You might have different reasons for that. Perhaps you’ve found the perfect top, but you hate turtlenecks. Or, maybe the one you are about to tailor is […]

How to change a turtleneck into a crew neck