Pattern testing call – Girls Tunic and Leggings Set 2

This Pattern testing call has ended!

I am so excited to announce this pattern testing call as it is our first one! Although all our patterns get tested carefully regarding fitting and sizing, I would love your feedback on sewing instructions, pattern descriptions and other features of the actual pattern.

If this initiative takes off, we are going to do it before every pattern release. I would love to get in touch with all of you.

But for now, let’s stick to this pattern set.

Description and features

I’ve made endless variations of those “tunic and leggings” sets over the years and I believe this pattern can be of good use to any mom of girls. They are perfect for a long day of “work” and play. You can make a different set (or only the tunic/leggings) any time you have a piece of nicely printed knit fabric.

girls tunic and leggings pattern


This pattern has two different variations as you can see in pictures (A and B).

For the testing, you are going to get only the version you prefer to make, exactly as seen in the pictures. The final copy of the pattern will include both versions A and B and different sleeve length options.


Features of the tunic:

Version A:

  • Short sleeves
  • Contrasting binding, sleeves and back
  • fabric/lace bow at the back
  • high/low hemline

Version B:

  • Long/short sleeves
  • Classical silhouette
  • high/low hemline

Body measurements:

For body measurements, please refer to the chart below. If you are interested in making another size for the purpose of this testing, please contact me. We might figure something out.

kids size chart


Fabric requirements:

You are going to need light to medium-lightweight knit fabric for both primary and contrasting fabric. The fabric should have a good recovery and 50% to 75% 2-way or 4-way stretch. Some kind of jersey knit would be a good choice. For both sets presented on the images, I’ve used 95%/5% rayon/elastane. We don’t recommend woven fabrics for this pattern.

Fabric consumption: 50 inches/130 cm of 54 inches/130 cm fabric. 20 inches/50 cm long piece of contrasting fabric for version A.


Elastic for the leggings waistline, 1 yard of lace for the bow and sleeves (only for version A).

A time frame for this pattern tasting:

Since this is the first time we are doing this, we are not going to set a specific timeline for the application. As soon as we get a small team of testers together, we are going to start. Our wish is to finish before the end of May. Once we start, testers are going to have a week to provide the pictures of their finished projects.

Requirements for pattern testing:

You must follow exactly the pattern and the sewing instructions for the purpose of this testing. You may not modify the pattern while testing. Blending sizes and shortening/lengthening are OK. Some experience with knits would be considered an advantage, although it is not a must.

I would need you to send me some pictures of a kid, modeling the set. Please, don’t apply for the pattern testing if you are not OK sharing those pictures with me and our readers on the internet. For reference what those pictures need to be, see my daughter’s ones.

The chosen testers will be invited to a private Facebook group, where we can discuss the pattern and possible revisions, share pictures, resolve issues and get guidance while testing the pattern.

Please, apply with an e-mail to or through this form.

In the email, please say a few words about why you are interested in making the pattern, which version and size you are interested in making and whether or not you have some experience sewing with knits.

Make sure that the email you apply with is your best one because I am going to contact you to receive the pattern and an invitation to the private Facebook group.

What the testers are going to get:

You are going to get the final, approved copy of the pattern with both A and B variations and different sleeve length options in all sizes according to the size chart above.

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