How to fix a torn belt loop on jeans

Sewing a torn belt loop on jeans is another very common repair that we make for clients in the sewing studio, so I thought you might like to know how to do it.

In this post, I am going to show you how to fix a ripped belt loop on jeans. Below are the written instructions and if you prefer, you can scroll down to the video tutorial at the bottom of this page.

When a belt loop gets torn, it usually damages the fabric underneath so that there is a hole where we should fix it (image 1).

To sew the belt loop back in place, we need to somehow restore the fabric that it was sewn on.

We do that just like we do it on the inside of the legs of jeans.

What you are going to need:

Steps to follow:

Start by cleaning the leftover thread out of the belt loop so it doesn’t make it bulkier and more difficult to sew back at its place.

How to fix broken belt loop - a step-by-step sewing tutorial.

Fix the patch in place

I am going to attach the patch with the face of the fabric up on the wrong side of the jeans (image 4). It is going to help us restore the missing fabric as the base for the belt loop.

Make a couple of stitches so that the patch is fixed to the wrong side of the jeans (image 5).

“Restore” the missing fabric

Once you fix the belt loop in place, turn the jeans out so that you sew on the face side (image 6). Start making stitches forward and backward until the hole is nicely closed and the fabric is strong enough to bear the pressure the belt loop exerts (image 7).

I’ve closed the hole and although you can still see it, don’t worry it is going to be completely covered by the belt loop (image 8). Keep in mind that in my example the hole that opened underneath the belt loop was really large. You are most probably going to deal with a smaller hole and get better results than I did.

In the end, this is not of such importance because the belt loop is going to cover it completely.

How to fix a ripped belt loop on jeans.

Fix the belt loop back in place

Then, sew the belt loop back in place, using jeans thread with a matching color (image 9).

Sew very slowly so that you don’t go out of the belt loop. Make a couple of stitches end to end to fix the belt loop in its place.  

Here is the fixed belt loop (image 10). It looks quite like the others and can bear the pressure when the belt loop is pulled.

The better you match the thread color, the less it will show that you’ve been working on it.

How to sew a torn belt loop - a step-by-step tutorial

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Watch the video tutorial on how to fix a torn belt loop

If you prefer to watch the video tutorial, here it is:

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