Sewing Tutorials

Creating your own designs require a set of cutting and sewing skills. We have had clients who were studying for designers, but they couldn’t cut or sew their own designs. So they came to us bringing a sketch of their design and asking us to cut and sew. I suppose this is a way to do it, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Sewing is what makes the design. It turns an idea into a garment and it is an essential part of the process. If you want to learn how to sew you must follow some basics and mainly learn to apply what you’ve learned with your own hands. Knowing the cutting and sewing basics, fabric types and how to pick your materials and accessories is essential for your success as a designer. This is what will help you create your own clothing line if you wish to do so.

Change turtleneck into a crew neck

Change a turtleneck into a crew neck – another way

Changing the neckline shape is a very common clothing alteration. We get to make it every now and then. In a ...
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how to remove machine oil from clothes

How to remove machine oil or grease stains from clothes

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The biggest nightmare of a seamstress is to remove machine oil stain on a finished ...
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How to change a turtleneck into a crew neck

You have a top that you wish to alter from a turtleneck into a crew neck and you wonder how ...
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Fix a hole in jeans between the legs

Perhaps you have a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, but are getting worn out between the legs? Why don’t ...
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Girls Halloween Costume – Free Sewing Tutorial

Halloween is coming and you still don’t have an idea for a girls Halloween costume? You want to make something ...
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how to se the coverstitch machine

What is a coverstitch machine and how to use it

What is a coverstitch machine? If you've been sewing for a while, you must have noticed that double needle hem ...
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DIY How to make a Ladybug costume for Halloween with a free PDF pattern

Somewhere around Christmas, we were invited to an event with costumes required. We had some alternatives, but finally, we chose ...
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How to sew an elastic waistband

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to replace and sew an elastic waistband on pyjamas. You can apply ...
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What is interfacing in sewing?

What is interfacing in sewing? Interfacing in sewing relates to adding a layer inside of those parts of the garment ...
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How To Take In The Waist Of Jeans For A Better Fit

Taking in the waist of jeans is probably the most requested alteration in our studio. I must admit that I ...
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what is a serger

Ten most asked questions about a serger (overlocker)

You read about a serger here and there and wonder "What is a serger and do I need one?" What ...
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Sewing a hem with an overlocker (serger)

When is this type of hem most appropriate? Sewing a hem with an overlocker (serger) is a very common way to ...
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How To Shorten Pants With Double Folded Hem

You have a pair of pants that seem too long? Why don't you learn how to shorten pants yourself? All ...
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How to Sew With Knits

Ever wondered how to sew with knits? Or, even how some sewists are so brave to even try? If so, ...
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How To Learn How To Sew (and why)

Learning to sew Do you want to learn how to sew? Perhaps there is someone you know who alters and ...
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How to repair ripped jeans

How can you repair a pair of ripped jeans? It happens that your favorite pair of jeans got ripped, but ...
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